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eav Rapid Program Modernization  

Program modernization is the process of changing an existing application so that it uses a new database management system, a new language and a new look-and-feel but retains the same basic functionality. ATERAS® provides custom tools and professional services to perform both modernization and conversion projects.

Modernization is performed using eavRPM to develop the new application, allowing business analysts to be involved in the decision of what business rules to retain and what visual and navigational enhancements should be incorporated. Conversion is performed using DB-Shuttle® and provides a 100% automated move to the new platform with a functionally equivalent deliverable and no changes to the output. Modernization allows you to have more control over the move to the new infrastructure, including the ability to modernize sub-systems one at a time.

Are you currently running Natural with an Adabas database? Using our ATP® solution you can immediately move to a new, lower cost environment then continue your modernization process using the eavRPM add-on.

Mainframe Web Development

eavRPM uses your mainframe applications as the basis for new off-mainframe applications. Using copy and paste techniques the existing screens and underlying business rules can be modernized quickly and efficiently. The new generated applications are object oriented, well documented and ready to be maintained in any standards-compliant IDE, with no further licensing fees from the old platform required. The screens can be enhanced to use drop down menus, checkboxes, and graphic buttons while maintaining familiar F keys, Tab, and Enter sequences. Application code is provided in C# or Java while web pages are generated using HTML, XML and CSS.

eavRPM is built upon the eav® framework to facilitate complete application understanding.

Simple COBOL or Natural Modernization

eavRPM was designed to simplify the COBOL or Natural modernization process by leveraging a direct connection to SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2. Lines of COBOL or Natural code are captured and automatically converted to C# or Java. Screens can be split, merged or changed depending on the requirements of the new application while the business logic remains intact in the new language. Style sheets are available to maintain visual consistency in your modernized program. Company logos (as well as database queries and other objects) are easily dragged and dropped in for a uniform look. Depending on its scope, a complete application can be prototyped in a matter of hours or even minutes.

Modernization the Way You Want It

Modernization using eavRPM can be performed as a service by ATERAS or by your team using eavRPM licenses. The result: native web applications with no middleware, no blackboxes and no ongoing license fees. The benefit: leverage of your proven business rules with a brand new user interface, continued keyboard features with new mouse-driven and scrollable features, and much lower operating costs for your organization. The bottom line: less cost, more features, full agility, complete scalability, and the ability to add colors, graphics, video and all of the visual interest that today's world wide web offers.

Enterprise Application Viewer Rapid Program Modernization ScreenShot